The story of Domeniul Vladoi has always been inspired by the family. A family that is in love with vine, grapes and wines, generations of passionate people that passed one to another the love for winemaking.
We are pleased to introduce you to the Vladoi Family, the present generation that keeps alive the family legacy, creates wines, writes fabulous stories about aromas and tastes!


" Viticulturist from father to son, or better said from grandfather to grandson, Nelu Vladoi made his first wine at the age of 14. In spite that, it seemed that Ion Vladoi alienated himself from the family legacy when he chose to study economy and public administration. But the passion never fade away and after the family reacquired the vineyard confiscated by the Communist regime, Nelu Vladoi dedicated his activity to viticulture. He tried, he learned, he became authorized wine taster and year after year he succeed in making more and more appreciated wines. Ion Vladoi dreams to blend in his wines the special characteristics of the Murfatlar terroir and the modern trends of winemaking. "


" The inheritor of the family’s legacy, Anca Maria Vladoi graduated the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences in Constanta with a specialization in Horticulture. At first, she didn’t feel the passion for vine and wines, but things changed once she got involved in the family business. Anca Maria “got sick” of passion and now you can hardly take her away from the fermentation tanks and the barrels. For some time, Anca Maria have taken the lead of the winemaking process and the wines that bear her signature are more and more appreciated. "

Hospitality Manager

" Wife and mother, Eugenia Vladoi is the person who gives stability to the family and contributes to the business development. A valuable manager of hospitality, Eugenia is responsible for organizing the wine tastings that take place in the winery. With a chef training and certification, Eugenia Vladoi manages the family restaurant, but when needed she involves in winemaking process, being the family’s most valuable unauthorized wine taster."


" "Capo di tutti capi" is the nickname that we gave to the grandfather Grigore Vladoi. The son of passionate Niculae Vladoi, he is the one who took the legacy from his father, kept it alive and hand it to the present generations. Even today, at the age of 80, the grandfather Grigore supervises with vigilance all the processes of winemaking, keeping alive his passion for wine, just like he inherited it from his father."