Our history!

Our grapes scented story begins in 1924 when grand-grandfather Niculae alongside other families from Dragasani area establishes the Siminoc village. Passionated viticulturist, Niculae Vladoi brought with him the love for wine and grapes, setting up at Siminoc the first vineyard consisting of hybrid and noble breeds. The vineyard of grand-grandfather Niculae Vladoi was named “Domeniul Vladoi”. Since then, at Domeniul Vladoi the passion for grapes and wine grew and was passed from generation to generation.


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  • Ion Vlădoi Cabernet Sauvignon&Merlot

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  • Anca Maria Chardonnay

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  • Ion Vlădoi Shiraz

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  • Ion Vlădoi Orange

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  • Pachet Ion Vlădoi

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  • Pachet Anca Maria

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  • Ion Vlădoi Riesling Sec

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  • Ion Vlădoi Băbească Neagră & Fetească Neagră Rose

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